I love coaching tech companies.


I integrated my expertise as a CTO both as a founder and employee with my love for ontological coaching to produce a style that is unique in the CTO coaching world.

From all my years in the tech leadership space, I have seen 3 characteristics by which a CTO can truly propel their organizations. The characteristics are:

  • Implementers of a company’s technology dreams and visions
  • Innovators beyond what a company’s wildest dreams
  • Inspirational to the legions of engineers waiting to dream big with someone

These characteristics don’t come easily and aren’t automatically inherited from a career in Software Development. They have to be nurtured and coached. I do believe that as long as the CTO is coachable, all these characteristics will manifest.

Some of the most common challenges

When CEOs need help with hiring a CTO or VPE
When I get asked to help a CTO report back on their progress to the C-Suite
When the CTO is struggling to keep up with all their CEO’s ideas

When the organization is scaling and the CTO needs to keep up!

Experience Overview

I have coached a wide range of technology companies ranging from enterprise all the way down to brutally early startups. I love it all.

I have experience in coaching:

  • Series A, B, C, D funded tech companies
  • Bootstrapped startups
  • Founders, CEOs and their C-Suites
  • CTOs, VPEs and Directors
  • Software leaders who are aspiring CTOs

Experience Detailed

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


  • Crunchbase:
  • Team Size: 50+
  • Funding: Series A ($20M+ funding)

I started coaching the CTO at in 2021. It was a fantastic glimpse into the world of trading in cryptocurrency and the creation of bots to do so for the informed trader. This was a rapid scale situation for the company and they needed my help to settle the role of CTO in a hyper technical environment.

Etienne helped me grow into the role of CTO. You need to have a different skill set in a startup, which can become very challenging overtime when the company grows. Etienne helped me understand how to move forward and be comfortable in the role. He has technical skills and understands all the processes to succeed as CTO.

Stefan Bijen, CTO at

Real Estate Startups

CTO @ Carrot

Chris Carr

Carrot is an online lead generation hub that provides websites, marketing tools & training for real estate investors and agents. I started working with their CTO in 2019. We quickly started focusing on the technology organization within the company.

By the way Carrot is a pretty amazing organization and if you’re an engineer you should consider working for them. Let me know!

Working with Etienne has helped me break out of my own limiting mindsets and changed my trajectory as a CTO. I feel like I have access to an experienced CTO—but more so, a conduit to the collective experiences of the CTO community he has built.

Chris Carr, CTO

CTO @ RealWired

RealWired is a startup focused on automating the appraisal workflow. I started working with their CTO in 2021. The challenges we ran into were based in decoupling the day to day from strategic leadership.

I worked with Sunda Scanlon, the CTO at RealWired and here’s her take on what it was like working with me:

“When I began working with Etienne, I came to him with two objectives; to better understand my expanding CTO role as our company rapidly scales and to enhance the quality of communication with my peers and C-Suite.  He was instrumental in helping me clearly identify my objectives and provided practical tools that assisted me in facilitating the needed changes.  This formed the basis of a series of constructive sessions over many months.

What I found particularly valuable was that Etienne had just the right balance between open-ended questions, and specific, actionable advice.  Whenever I presented him with a challenge that included understanding the feedback I’d received from others, he intuitively honed in on the central issue and asked targeted questions.  He helped reveal solutions I hadn’t seen before. 

My coaching sessions with Etienne have been so much more than I expected! Etienne’s coaching related to technology, people management, and company politics and his passion for leadership and developing others came through in our coaching sessions.  I left each session with a far better level of self-awareness and REAL learnings that I’ve been able to apply to not only immediately improve my effectiveness and increase the impact I have in my organization but carry through a lifetime.

Sunda Scanlon CTO

I’d recommend Etienne to anybody who is determined to make a change and to engage constructively.  The ROI on effective leadership coaching is priceless!” 


Cyber Security @ Toyota


CEO @ SynkedUp

Etienne has had a profound impact not only on my business, but on me as a person, a leader, even my family. His ability to expose the root issue is incredible. Some coaches want to just administer their prescription to you. Then there’s the good coaches like Etienne that realize we’re complex human beings managing complex situations. Etienne’s influence has been an important part of my startup’s 600+% growth YoY, and I look for his guidance in the next 600%.

Weston Zimmerman, Founder & CEO

CEO @ Time Doctor


VPE @ Chipper Cash

  • From Crunchbase: Chipper Cash
  • Series C ($300M+ Funding)
  • 200+ Team Size

Working with Erin Fusaro, VPE at Chipper Cash has been an absolute joy. Erin is a powerhouse where the coaching goes both ways! I haven’t met someone who is able to lead teams with such passion and finesse as Erin does.

E-Commerce & Logistics

CTO @ ACI Group

C-Suite @ CLEARSTEM Skincare

CTO @ Cogsy